I am the CO-ARTIST on Titanium Rain. That’s Co-Artist. As in Josh and I do the art together. I am not the only artist on the book. I’m the penciler. The rest is all Josh. I’m getting really sick and tired of journalists NOT reading up on these things. Just seeing two names and assume that one person does one thing while the other person does the other.

ARGGG!! I am not going to take credit for something I didn’t do and it’s making me really sick that people don’t f*cking reasearch this. It’s embarassing for them and it’s embarassing for ME when I have to send them an email that says “No, I didn’t do any of that.” or “That was Josh’s cover art, not mine.” or “Josh did the vehical specs because he does ALL THE 3D IN THE BOOK!!”

Today was the worst. This one person started attributing other projects that Josh has done on his own, outside of comics (namely Star Trek), to me. ARGG!!

Look people. I just pencil, ok. That’s all. That is all I do. I am a penciler. You’d think in comics people would be used to the idea of multiple people doing multiple jobs but no. They just have to assume something that wasn’t true. Crediting me for things that I didn’t do does NOT make me feel good. It makes everyone feel like an idiot when one of us has to ineviatbly tell the person that they got it completely wrong.

Since I am female and I work in comics, I have noticed a lot of men falling over themselves to give me credit for “what a good artist I am”. Those complements don’t make me feel all that great when it’s someone else’s work.