For those of you who may not know, I have a comicbook character named LD30 that I created back in 2009. LD is a hip, swinging robot who loves to party. LD has a girlfriend. A dancer at the SCSI Port Gentleman’s Club.

SCSI Port Dancer

Yesterday I was shocked an amazed to discover that LD’s girlfriend DOES EXIST!!

stripper dancer

Or at least a very close cousin of hers. I read about it in a Geekology article that apparently came out a year ago (where was I?) This guy in Germany thought there was a distinct lack of robots stripping in the world and decided he was the guy to fill this vital need in adult entertainment. And with their CCTV heads, he decided that it would be best to showcase these femme-fatals at a Security Convention, because security is sexy.

Here is some hot cybernetic stripper-pole action so get your dollars ready.

I also have the rest of LD30 on my Deviant Art Account HERE.