As a creator, I have had my fair share of dealing with people who call themselves “producers” who basically want to take the creative properties Josh and I work on, pimp them out to the highest bidder regardless of quality, reap all the profits and leave us in the dust. Why do they do this? Because they think that we would be so grateful that anybody cared about our project that we wouldn’t think to ask for money.


That simply isn’t true.

And it especially isn’t true for the extremely talented effects teams behind such movies like Life of Pi. These amazingly creative people are getting paid peanuts (if they see any money at all) for their hard work. Hollywood wants to do to them what they did to the writers a few years ago and it just isn’t right. Creators and artists in ANY field should get paid for their work. They aren’t just doing it because they love it. They are doing it because they need to eat and pay the rent/mortgage.

Please read this article from to get a first hand account of what is going on.

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