Ah yes, the first convention of the season. There is absolutely nothing like the bussle of a full convention center. Full of attendies and venders and cos players just there to show off and have a good time. I love conventions. If I could do them every month I totally would. But until that day comes, I have to pick and choose.

This weekend will see myself and Josh at Emerald City Comic Con! This will be my first year exhibiting there and I’m really excited! My company, 01 Publishing, will be located at O-21 so please come see us. Here is an exerp. from the  press release from the 01 Website:

This year kicks off our convention circuit with a visit to Seattle and our very first year  exhibiting at Emerald City Comic Con. We will have

  • Josh Finney – Creator of “Titanium Rain” and “Utopiates” available for signings
  • Kat Rocha – co-creator of “Titanium Rain” and “Utopiates” available for signings
  • Michael Colbert – Creator of “Crazy Mary” and “Car Commercials Have The Best Music” available to meet and greet.
  • Copies of the “Titanium Rain Graphic Novel” (printed by Archaia) for sale
  • Copies of the “Titanium Rain Audio Drama” for sale
  • Copies of “Utopiates: The Ultimate Bet with the Mind” for sale
  • Art prints by Josh Finney and Kat Rocha for sale

Come Find Us at Table O-21

This evening will see me packing up the art prints, readying the displays, and doing final inventory. Then it’s an early morning flight on Thursday to Seattle. So much fun!

If you are attending the con this weekend, stop by and say “hi”! I’d love to meet all of you in person, long time readers and new comers to the site alike.