For newcomers to me and my blog, I am the co-owner of 01Publishing. We specialize in science fiction, fantasy, and horror graphic novels and prose books. I am used to getting letters from people commenting on our books, especially right after a convention. In the airport on the way home from Emerald City Comic Con I get the following email:

Subject: Huge Fan of 01 Publishing  …seems fishy, but could be innocent
From: via

Hey,First off, I am a huge fan of your site. Already, not off to a good start.

One of my clients,, has recently developed an info-graphic comparing Iron Man and Batman, it particularly delves into what it would take to actually be one of these superheroes. A home insurance company wanted an info graphic on how much money Batman and Iron Man make… um…  As we all know these are both men who didn’t actually have super powers themselves but go to great links with their gear/gadgets to fight crime.  Ever wondered how much these suits actually cost?  No. Well with this info-graphic you can finally know the answer to that question! So what does this have to do with me? I think would be an awesome fit for your site and something that your readers would greatly enjoy! I think the pitches at Cons I get that consist of “you’re going to write and draw my ideas and we’ll be famous” are better.Both of these films have enjoyed an extreme amount of success over the past few years.. from the Dark Knight trilogy, to Iron Man and even The Avengers these may be the two biggest names in the super hero game right now.  You do know that 01 Publishing does not publish Big Two characters, right? This info-graphic calculates the cost of each of these heroes equipment all the way down to even the price of there lairs and cars. And….Being a fan of your site Does that line really work on people? I believe that posting this info-graphic would be incredibly beneficial for driving traffic to your blog/site as this information is extremely relevant and interesting information that will be passed on to your readers. I don’t see how, considering it has nothing to do with my blog/site. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks so much! Sincerely,
James Richards
Content Director
Eastand West Electronics
Now, I have gotten some strange spam in the past, but this one is really weird. First off, it’s not from some country halfway around the world. This person is in the United States AND looked at my site long enough to see that comics were involved.
Second, it’s an insurance company using popular movies to entice the naive and the gullible to put free advertisements for the insurance company on their websites and blogs. Wow. Using the Hollywood-lingo like “I’m a big fan of your site” and “this film is really popular and that is why you should care” to boot.  He even tried the “I’m a fan and your readers would care” tactic. Ugh.
Seriously, I gotta know, does this actually work on people?
Sadly I do know the answer to this question and it makes me shake my head…. so I guess the real question would be WHY does this work? What is in this pitch that interests people? Is it the words “Batman” or “Ironman” or simply the phrase “I’m a fan of your site”?
Please feel free to write to me about your thoughts on this. I would really like to know.