The following is taken from Josh Finney’s Blog: It’s very important, that is why I am re-posting it here.

Beware of a convention vendor called CROSS COUNTRY COLLECTABLES. I have spoken with a few fellow artists and have been able to confirm this vendor is selling bootlegged art prints. I encountered Cross Country Collectables last weekend at Emerald City Comic Con and saw they were selling low-quality screen gabs of artists’ work. This vendor has no right to be doing this. Even worse, some of the bootlegs were represented as being “signed” by the original artist. 

CROSS COUNTRY COLLECTABLES appears to be a fly by night operation. The link below is the only information I could find online about them.

Please share this information. And if possible, report it to your local convention promoters. Vendors like this hurt the industry and the livelihoods of hard working artists who create the art we love.