We have all heard variations of the saying “Truth is stranger than fiction.” And this is true.

But this story, I think is pretty hard to top.

Topless Robot recently ran an article on 11 Original Oz Character That Need to be in Movies.

According to TR, the woman whom the Tin Woodsman (real name Nick Chopper) lost his limbs and heart too fell in love with a second man , Captain Fyter, who also was cursed to chop off his limbs and become a Tin Soldier. He and the Tin Woodsman eventually meet and decide to find out which one of the men this woman loved the most. When they got to her house they found that not only was she married, but that her husband was a Frankenstein monster made from her “favorite parts” of these two lovers.  Yes, she gathered the parts after they were cursed to hack them off, and had her favorite pieces made into her ideal husband. And she named him Chopfyt, yes, a horrible combination of Chopper and Fyter.

So, upon learning this, my sick mind (and I’m sure yours too) comes up with all the obvious questions like “whose ass did she like the most?” , “Who has the firmest hands?”, “Whose feet stink the least?”, “Did she test-drive the limbs before having them sewn on?”  and so fourth.

In all honesty, if this had been written by a horror writer like Clive Barker or the author of “Let Me In” I would be all over this concept. It has so many possibilities for humor, or to truly horrify.

But this is the Land of Oz. It’s a children’s book. For children. Written by L. Frank Baum the creator of Oz. This isn’t some other author playing in his sandbox. The only thing I can think of to explain this was that he was tired of writing Oz, but Oz paid the bills, so his other creative ideas leaked over into his land of munchkins and farm girls.