From 01 Publishing –

Michael Colbert’s cyberpunk epic,  Crazy Mary has arrive at the 01Publishing offices today. Michael Colbert and Josh Finney picked the books up from the docks and they look absolutely beautiful! If you have not pre-ordered your copy yet, rush over to and do so now. Books will be arriving in the mail next week.

Need to be convinced? Take a look for yourself. Read the first chapter of CRAZY MARY totally free online.

UPDATE: Crazy Mary not only was delivered to, but she SOLD OUT before the end of the week!! This is Amazing!! 01 Publishing is already sending another shipment to Amazon so if you haven’t purchased your copy yet, do so NOW and get it as soon as it is back in stock!

Just a Reminder: Enter my “Why Would You Buy That?” Contest for your chance to win a free copy of Crazy Mary! Details HERE.