A teenager in Chicago, IL. was taken to the hospital with a self inflected gunshot wound to the crotch. When asked by the cops what happened. The 17 year old was too embarrassed to admit that he accidently shot himself while showing off his gun to some girls in his car. Instead he told cops that two ninjas jumped out of their ninja van and shot him.

This is by far the funniest excuse I have ever heard for shooting yourself in the nuts, but what get’s me is that we are only three months into 2013 and this kid is NOT the first to shoot his dick off. The Huffington Post reports that in February, 23yr. old Jorge Perez of FL forgot that his flair gun was loaded and shot it into the ground. The flare ricocheted into his groin “causing several burns and lacerations, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.”

And in January, a Trinidad security guard was found slumped in his car after the .38 he carried in his pocket had discharged and severed his penis. He lived but it is unknown if the doctors were able to reattach his penis. He may be facing criminal charges for possession of a firearm without a license.