Part 2 in our look at Lake Monsters. I had to split this up because EVERYBODY seems to have at least one lake monster, so there are so many to cover.

Remember, if YOU have your own stories about any of the monsters I list below, or any other cryptid  put it in the comments section. I’d love to hear from you

Unless otherwise stated, all information below can be found on Wikipedia.

Lake George Monster – In 1904,  Harry Watrous ,a well-known genre painter, decided he was going to get back at  the editor of the local gossip newspaper in NY for cheating in a “who can catch the largest fish” contest they had. He made, as he called it, a “hippogriff” head out of a log, used glass telegraph pole insulators for eyes, and painted the whole thing. He then set the head near the editor’s boat with a control rope and weighted it so that it sat under the water. When the sailing party came he let the head rise to the surface, scaring the hell out of everyone. He let them freak over the thing for a while, then submerged it again.  He spent the rest of the evening, and several nights after that scaring the hell out of the people of Lake George. His exploits have inspired copy cat hoaxers such as “Kingstie” in Ontario. Info From  [Hoax]

Kusshii – supposedly lives in Lake Kussharo in Japan (hence the cute name) and apparently makes people sick to their stomach when they get too close to him. “Witnesses” say that they wanted to throw up upon siting him, making it really difficult to not think of Godzilla or Hedorah the Smog Monster considering this is Japan we are talking about. Kusshii is supposed to be brown in color with a horse like head, silver eyes and bump-like horns. He makes clicking or grunting noises at onlookers and apparently likes to race motorboats. People to this day go out on the water to try to catch site of the creature and this website had many pictures that are supposedly authentic. Some theories on what Kusshii really is are, a dear, a horse, a school of fish, a giant slug, and some people have even made the (more likely) claim that local folklore has been hyped to bring  tourists into the area.  [Unconfirmed]

Lagarfljót Worm – This serpent-like creature has the strange distinction of being seen hanging out in trees as well as in Lagarfljót Lake, Iceland. Although at 300ft. long I don’t know how that is possible. A legend from the 1300’s says that the creature is a dragon that belonged to a girl who made it sleep on a golden ring in box. You know, for luck.  The dragon outgrew the box and it terrorized the village by spitting venom at everyone till it was finally thrown into the lake. While the worm is a far cry from Daenerys Targaryen,  a modern group wants to preserve the worm and it’s legend for cultural significance and tourism. Considering the legend also says that worm sightings herald bad luck and misfortune, I think they want it more for the tourism than anything else. [Unconfirmed]

Lake Tahoe Monster/Tessie – Yes, even Lake Tahoe in California draws in the tourists with it’s own lake monster (as if the weather and gambling weren’t enough). People believe the creature lives in an underwater tunnel under Cave Rock, making a convenient explanation why the creature hasn’t been found by modern science. Tessie is supposed to be between 10-80 ft. long and either black or turquoise in color with smooth skin and a long body. It is theorized that Tessie is a large sturgeon or perhaps a new species of eel. It also apparently has a taste for trout. [Unconfirmed]

Lake Tianchi/Chonji Monster – I find it strange that nobody has thought to give this one a cute name similar to Nessie since the lake it lives in, Heaven Lake between China and North Korea, lends itself to all sorts of names. “Angel” perhaps or “Rapture”. In any case, the other interesting thing about this creature is that nobody can agree on what it looks like. Differing accounts are nothing new to lake creatures but accounts of this creature vary wildly from person to person. Some say it looks like a moose. One report gives it a human body with a 5ft neck, a white ring around the collar bone and grey skin. And people have reported seeing multiples of these creatures, where most lake monsters tend to be solitary. A TV reporter swears that he took pictures of  six of these creatures in 2007. They were described as being “seal” like with fins longer than their bodies. A news report later speculated that what the reporter saw were mutated trout. [Unconfirmed]

Lake Van Monster – Located in Turkey, sightings of this creature didn’t start till 1995, yet over 1000 people have claimed to have seen it. It all began when a local newspaper reported a creature emerging from the lake and dragged a man into the water. Scientists were sent by the Turkish government to investigate the story but they, of course, found nothing. A man in ’97 made a supposed video of the creature [CLICK HERE to see the film] and published a book of sketches on what it looked like. CNN covered the story and the film was sent to Cambridge for examination.  Most experts believe it was made up to bring tourism to the area, since Van was not doing the best economicly. I’ve taken a look at the footage and it looks like debris being dragged behind a boat to me. Despite the skeptics  the the town erected a bronze statue of the creature to further show off that they, too, have a lake monster and that people should come take a look for themselves. [Unconfirmed]


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