Lets face it. Dinosaurs are just plain awesome. Giant lizards running around eating eachother… it just grabs at the little kid inside of you. I know for me I would sit on the Dinosaur ride at Knotts Berry Farm and go around over and over and over again because it was the closest I’d ever get to the real thing. And when Jurassic Park hit in 1993, I saw it in theaters many times over the course of a year and a half, and nearly broke the old VHS copy I had because I watched it at least once a day.

But one thing I always knew was that no matter how much I loved dinosaurs, THEY WERE ALL DEAD! But apperantly some people didn’t get the memo. Worse than that, unlike lake monsters where most accounts could be connected to something living like a giant fish, almost every “living dinosaur” story you find can be linked to either  A) News of some creature reported elsewhere that makes the news(real or not) and “me-to”itis kicks in or B) a popular movie came out about it.

And if you need any indication of what types of stories I’m fully expecting to run into while doing this segment, watch this video of a “pterodactyl” being saved by a nice family, whose son (filming it)  is obviously an idiot.

Uploaded on Aug 31, 2009
This is an amazing video of my family capturing on camera a pterodactyl. These were thought to be extinct for millions of years, but here is the proof. There is a strong possibility that the government does not want this video released and there is thought that it will be removed because of that. You can see clearly the distinguishing characteristics of this animal.

Unless otherwise stated, all information below can be found on Wikipedia

Arica Monster –  hmmm.  So far the ONLY reference I can find of reports of this creature existing at all is a single article from 2004 on UFOinfo.com. Otherwise all other information comes from the shows Destination Truth on the SyFy channel and Lost Tapes on Animal Planet. Both aired in 2009 and both use the one account mentioned in the 2004 as their source of information. There is no other reference to a dinosaur living in the Chilean desert. Destination Truth interviewed a woman named Carmen Diaz, but Googling Carmen and her story yielded only links back to Destination Truth and porno sites, which tells me she’s a fake. I was not able to watch Lost Tapes as Netflix does not carry that specific episode and YouTube only shows the first minute and a half.

So, ok. What happened in the desert that has drawn two cable shows to film half an hour’s worth of night-vision-shaky footage? According to UFOinfo.com, in 2004 Dario Riquelme, Hernan Cuevas (an army recruitment officer) and Hernan’s family were driving through the Arica desert at night (this means absolutely no lights except their headlamps and the moon) when “dinosaur-like creatures” ran past their car. Dario described the creatures as “grey, hairless and having very noticeable thighs.”  Hernan said “… one walked by, …very similar to a dinosaur or a lizard running on two legs.”  He went on to commend his friend for his driving skills as Hernan’s wife was screaming and panicking so badly that Dario nearly went off the road.  According to the two TV shows, these animals are supposed to be about six feet tall and have short stubby arms. They are shown with three toes and razor sharp teeth. Fitting the description of what we would all see as a velociraptor. Specifically the ones featured in the movie Jurassic Park.

hmmm. Something 6ft tall, looks grey at night with “noticeable” thighs running past a car filled with panicky people in pitch black with only headlamps for light. Well, it could just be a bunch of llamas. Long necks, skinny front legs that could be misinterpreted for arms, very noticeable hindquarters. And with their ears back, they could look saurian to somebody who is freaking out.

Well, it’s either that or they are all making it up because no other sightings of a dinosaur have been made in that area. And considering this is a place that tourists like to go, and used to have a mining colony, you can’t argue that people don’t get out there much… somebody would have seen SOMETHING by now and from what the movies say, humans are on the menu.

Personally, I think the producers of the shows heard the story and used it as an excuse to fill air time and give the film crews a free trip to South America. It doesn’t help that Destination Truth actually features a segment where the cast goes site seeing. There wasn’t enough of a legend to fill the full 28min so instead we see the cast go on a fun shopping trip and witness two chicks have a fight in the street. Truly this will convince me that Chile has a population of velocirapters in their desert. [Unconfirmed]

Beast of Busco – quick disclaimer. Turtles have been around since the dinosaurs. Turtles and crocs survived where the thunder lizards did not. This is why I will cover reports of turtles in this section. And this particular turtle (named Oscar) is supposed to have been seen in Churubusco, Indiana.

The Beast of Busco was first spotted in 1898 by farmer Oscar Fulk who claimed the giant turtle was living in the 7acre lake on his property. Fifty years later two men fishing claimed a 500lb. turtle surfaced while they were on the lake. Soon the story spread on the wire and in 1949 it went national.

People flocked to Churubusco and the police were called in to keep traffic under control. The new owner of the lake decided to lead the search himself, going so far as to drain the lake, but ultimately found nothing. Two deep sea divers were hired to search, but the wrong equipment was brought and the whole idea was scrapped.

In conclusion, Churubusco, IN does not have a giant turtle. But, like many other lake monsters, the townfolk love the idea and like the tourism that the legend brings. Today this little town is called “Turtle Town, USA” and every June a festival is held in Oscar’s honor, complete with turtle races.[Unconfirmed]

 –  You know your dinosaur legend is in trouble when Christians are looking to use it as concrete “proof” that the great flood really came .[site]

The world did not become aware of the legend of a dinosaur roaming the Austrailian outback until the 1920’s when cattle ranchers started telling tales of giant lizards in the bush. Sure they could have been talking about the native crocodiles, but with the release of the film The Lost World in 1925, people’s imaginations were already swimming with visions of thunder lizzards, and talking about dinosaurs probably earned the ranchers an extra round or two at the pub. Not much more was said about the dinosaurs after that.

Then the film Lost Continent was released  in 1951 staring Cesar Romero and started a whole chain of dinosaur related movies that lasted most of the decade. What am I getting at? That everybody who saw an aussie T-Rex liked dinosaur movies.

MidgetsOnFire.blogspot.com reports “Often described as being about 20 feet in height/length, this monster is well known amongst cattle ranchers of the Gulf coast. In 1980 something big was stealing cattle; big enough to pick them up and carry them off. At first the stock men suspected crocodiles, but. Charles Waterman, a cattleman, described a “fearsome”, mottled 20 foot tall beast carrying a cow in its jaws that bounded out of sight as he hid behind a bush. By this time they were fed up with this pest stealing their stock, assembling a team of 20 men and some dogs, the ranchers set off into the bush. When they reached a river the dogs started to behave strangely and ran off. Nearby was a set of reptilian trackways. The horses would go no further so the stock men headed back home.” further saying “Even more dramatic proof …was seen near the Mc Arthur river in Northern Territory in 1957 as 50 cattle began to panic. The ranchers were perplexed, especially when one of their team ran screaming into a nearby river for relative safety. …a loud grunting and snorting noise was heard. Witnesses viewed the silhouette of a tall monster fleeing into a nearby scrub land and daybreak revealed several mutilated cattle, some half eaten.

Gee, these all sound like scenes from the 1956 movie The Beast of Hollow Mountain where a T-Rex carries off a cow, causes a stampeed, and fights American cowboys and Mexican ranchhands. You can Watch it here .

But what about the plaster cast cryptology expert Rex Gilroy claims to have made from a “fresh” foot print of one of these creatures?

Well, just look at his track record. Rex Gilroy is an anthropology and butterfly expert who has made his name writing about the Yowies (Austrailian Bigfoot), hosts UFO watch parties at his house to this day, and claims that a structure built by a farmer to combat erosion was actually made by ancient Egyptians who had mining operations in Australia. He also firmly believes that the the Burragorang Valley contains a top secret underground military base whose purpose is UFO study and defense. Just like TORCHWOOD only without Captain Jack. So, when Gilroy says they found a footprint from a dinosaur, would you believe him? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Duah –  Also known as a Ropen, is thought to be a  bioluminescent  pterosaur  living in the abandoned tunnels left by the Japanese durring WWII in Papa New Guinea. Yes. This dinosaur glows. Not only that, the natives report that it likes to eat the bodies of freshly burried dead. They believe the Duah are restless spirits. And like to show where (I presume) grave robbers have broken into cemetaries as proof of the creatures feeding habits.

But one good myth deserves another and Creationists have decided that, like the Burrunjor, the Duah is proof of the biblical age of the Earth. In 2006, Creationist Paul Nation videotaped two lights that many believe to be the Duah in flight. “Experts” have said that they are not from planes or other known objects but I have yet to see anybody from anyplace reputable take a look at the findings. Not only that, I cannot locate this video online to watch it for myself. The closest I got was an episode of Destination Truth which aired in 2007. The 10 sec. of footage is so grainey and obviously overly zoomed in you could be looking at two flashlights on the ground as easily as something in the air. And the dots are awfully bright to be originating from something bioluminecent.

Ok, a brief lesson in things that glow. Bioluminescence is found in marine life, terrestrial insects, fungi and bacteria. No land based animals larger than a beetle can glow and nothing glows brighter than a single candle flame. Why? Because it is a chemical reaction. Do you know how much energy a creature man-sized would have to put out just to keep it’s chest and tail glowing? And what is the possible advantage it would have to glow? Terrestrial insects such as fireflies use it to attract mates and ward off predators. But this just doesn’t make sense for a creature this size. BTW, New Guinea does indeed have fireflies.

A plausible explanation for the “featherless bird” the natives report seeing emerging from the nearby caves is a fruit bat known as a flying fox. Its wingspan can get to 6ft. long and it’s eyes are large enough to catch the light of anything near by and probably looks like two glowing orbs in the dark, similar to an owl. The other explination is the frigate bird who can have a wing span of 8ft, and whose throats are red in color, possibly appearing to glow in the setting sun against the black feathers.

Oh, one more thing. Supposedly this creature is also flying the skies above Kenya and the Congo under the name Kongamato. [Unconfirmed]

Emela-ntouka – Just going to say it from the start, How could this animal NOT be a rhino?! Stemming from Congo legends and moving into popular speculation, the Emela-ntouka is supposed to be the size of an elephant, grey or brown skin, stubby legs, a horn on it’s nose and likes to huff and make a lot of noise. Though it’s name means “killer of elephants” it’s an herbavor. There are no known  tracks or any proof at all that this creature exists, yet scollars theorize that it is a living ceratopsian.  Many debates on how to classify it depending on if it’s horn is made of bone, ivory, or keratin have been publicly documented.[Unconfirmed]