A fifteen year old girl was gang-raped by four teenage boys who thought it would be fun to take pictures and post them so the whole school could see. She received text messages calling her a slut and was harassed at school. She was too embarrassed and scared to tell anybody so there was no rape kit. The Canadian police did nothing. Finally, she attempted suicide. Three days later, her mother took her off life support. The boys were never prosecuted.

This has got to stop! It is the 21st century, this sort of thing needs to stop. Personal responsibility for both men and women needs to become the norm. I don’t care who you are or what your sexual orientation is. Strait, gay, lesbian, bi, it does not matter. Taking somebody by force is ALWAYS wrong , and “No” always means “NO”

And the victim should always feel comfortable coming forward. Victim-blaming is the most fucked-up thing and is only going to breed more violence. This trend of blaming the victim has got to stop. And they only way that is going to happen is through awareness.

Please read this article and repost it on your social network. http://thinkprogress.org/health/2013/04/09/1840501/rehtaeh-parsons-rape-culture/