A 50yr. old man walked into a Home Depot in West Covina, California on Wed. April 10th, took a saw from off the shelf and started the process of cutting his own arm off.

He did such an effective job with the off-the-shelf coping saw he grabbed that he hit bone more than once, Cpl. Rudy Lopez told the Weekly. Luckily an off-duty paramedic was nearby and cops were quickly on the scene:

Working in a pool of blood, the paramedic and officers went MacGyver and improvised well, making a tourniquet out of twine and and rags from the store’s shelves, Lopez said.

Any time anything is described as “MacGyver” you know it’s pretty awesome.

No word on what this man was ultimately attempting to achieve buy cutting his arm off in public but the Weekly suggested it was a suicide attempt. He may have also been attempting to saw both arms off but I don’t see how that is physically possible… though I doubt this guy was thinking logically at the time so it doesn’t really matter.

Actually, kinda reminds me of the character Shin in the manga Dorohedoro. He chopped both his arms into little pieces in order to figure out where his magic was. But, they were sewn back on and now he has some wicked scars.

Because I’m on a “lets study weird shit” kick I came across a mental disorder called Apotemnophilia, where a person gets sexual pleasure from the idea of being an amputee. Yes, the idea of loosing a limb gets them horny. Some people will attempt to find a surgeon to remove healthy limbs for them, try to remove the limbs themselves, cultivate an infection like gangrene, or injure themselves enough to force an amputation to achieve this goal. They have a screwed idea of what beauty is and what is their ideal body image, like anorexia… only this is a much more drastic way to loose weight.

Except for the wanting to cut a body part off, apotemnophiliacs are usually pretty emotionally healthy. In fact, professional help usually isn’t sought until they are caught in the act of self mutilation in one form or another. Many with apotemnophilia say that it started when they were young children  like right when puberty starts and most who have had a limb amputated report that they are happy and “finally feel whole” which is an extremely paradoxical statement.

Nobody knows yet if apotemnophilia is psychological/neurological or a condition of both.

It is also very different than Acrotomophilia which is when people get horny from looking at amputees.

So there you have it. Something fun for your Friday. An old guy tries to cut his arm off, and you learned about people who get off on missing a limb.

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Sourced from the LA Weekly