body-mod-159Body modification. It ranges from beautiful to the grotesque. There are many reasons why people do it and not all of them make much sense other than that was what the person wanted. Below are some strange body modifications people all around the world have engaged in. No, I’m not talking about splitting tounges so you look like a snake or getting your body tattooed to look like a jigsaw puzzle. I mean the really weird ones that are either cringe worthy or make you ask “why the hell would you do that to yourself?!” I know I am not covering ALL of the really weird modifications. These are just four that have been on my mind… and don’t ask why. For the record, I have plans of getting tattoos on my back and legs as soon as I find an artist I trust. Also, if I wasn’t a wimp when it comes to pain, I would get titanium plates down my spine. So I actually like and support body mods… within reason. WARNING: Graphic Videos and Mature Content below. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

1) Eyeball Tattooing. Yes. Tattooing your eyeballs. In this instance, making the whites of the eye completely black, though I have seen blue and neon green. Considering there are contacts that can accomplish the same thing I don’t think risking blindness is really the best way to look like a demon from hell but that is what 13 people in Brazil have done. One guy even said he cried ink for two days after the procedure.

Extremely metal, but probably not good for your health.

2) Bedazzling your Eyeballs jeweleyeIf you are a child of 90’s you may remember a machine called the Bedazzler that would put rhinestones all over your clothing and, later, on your cell phone. Well, the people in the Netherlands didn’t think that was enough and created JewelEyes. What are JewelEyes? They are small gems (rhinestones, bits of metal, etc) that are surgically implanted under the thin, under the clear membrain of the eyeball. You can even have chains and things hanging out of your eyeball if you wanted. Because, dangles aren’t just for ears. This procedure is currently legal ONLY in the Netherlands. If you liked that scene is Salvador Dali’s Un Chien Adalou or you are just morbidly curious, watch this film of how the procedure is performed.

yeah… not for me, thanks.

bagel-head-body-modification-600x3373) I’ve Always Wanted a Bagel on my Head Well, I’ve heard of men with chin dimples so extreme it looked like a bagel, but this is really confusing. Originally created in Canada (why, I do not know) it was brought to Japan by Keroppy Maeda (yes, his name means “ribbit”) for his patience in the fetish community. Keroppy says he performs this procedure about ten times a year and usually around the time of large fetish parties. The process is actually very simple, saline solution is injected into the person’s forehead and then the center of the created skin bubble is pushed down making the hole of the bagel. It lasts for six to twenty-four hours.  Because they needed to fill time (or ran out of apocalypse scenarios to speculate about) National Geographic claimed that this was all the rage in Japan and that all the kids were doing it. Most people in Japan had never heard of the procedure until National Geographic made the claim. Considering how expensive the procedure is and how quickly it goes away, most kids in Japan would prefer to spend their money other things.  (info from wikipedia)

4)  Oh Dear God WHY?! Would somebody please tell me why THIS is a good idea?!


From what I read, exposing the urethra and all the nerves attached to it causes more stimulation and, therefore, more pleasure, but, couldn’t you just get a vibrating cock ring instead? I mean, I can understand why some guys feel the need to get a Prince Albert, but why would you want to split your dick in two? Ok, new contest. You have one week to tell me a good reason to have this procedure done. If you have had it yourself or know somebody who has, that is even better. I will send you a free copy of Utopiates if you can give me a good reason.