o-MARS-570Call it a Rorschach. Call it having your mind in the gutter. But it is undeniable that the particular pattern left in the dust of Mars by the rovers Spirit and Opportunity resembles a certain part of the human male anatomy.  I would make a joke about a NASA employee taking the “opportunity” to live out a childhood dream.. but I think we can all fill in the blanks on that one.  According to the Huffington Post, the two robots  were set to look for signs of water erosion on the Mars surface. The robots have guidance systems that let them control themselves (to a point) and avoid hazards on the ground. One of these methods apparently is to drive around circles. Thus creating the humorous nut sack design.

Once the image it went viral on Reddit, crashing NASA’s site.

Honestly, I hope somebody at NASA did do it on purpose.

I’m now picturing all the Photoshop opportunities with the Face on Mars… Visions of a giant planet-sized sharpie drawing a weenis on the blurry image of the face and writing “Dick Head” on the side. Yeah. That would rock.

The image depicted is strait from NASA’s website. The black cut out is most likely one of the two rovers.