And now, a moment from the world of WTF.

Do you remember scratch and sniff stickers as a kid? Where you would scratch away part of the surface of the sticker and then huff it like a sock full of glue? Did those things ever smell like what they were supposed to? I don’t recall. So it kinda doesn’t bode well for this assortment cell phone charms depicting teenage anime girls from a video game called Senran Kagura. These jailbait phone accessories are supposed to have a “faint breast scent”… you read that correctly. They are supposed to smell like boobs. I have no idea what exotic stench they are cooking up for this one. Mine tend to smell like Bath and Body Works cologne or sweat after a round of UFC trainer. Neither one I would count worthy of putting on a novelty ornament for my phone… especially if that ornament is showing teenage chibi girls in bondage. Creeeeeeeepy

from Anime News Network