GomeraI am honestly trying to figure out if this is a real pitch for a new children’s tv show or if it is an elaborate joke. Strictly because:

1) I know the Japanese have different ideas of what is acceptable on television than the west does

2)I would have expected more… um.. effort put into a serious bid at a TV show from the originators of the Kaiju genre.

3)The company who is producing this show is called “Cat Shit One”.

They also stole an aweful lot of their jokes from Milla aka. Godzuki from the Godzilla franchise.

From Topless Robot

The production company of the full 3D CG war-action rabbit animation ‘Cat Shit One’, IDA, Inc., presents a monstrous kaiju series, KAIJU GOMERA!

These unique children’s mini series with cool VFX & Special Effects have been localized and broadcasted worldwide on YouTube (*Youku in China) in multiple languages. IDA is looking for opportunities in business development, production, merchandising, and more, globally. We are looking forward to your calls!

…”I wanted to produce a pure entertaining children series with the simple stories and funny characters, and hoping it has audiences spontaneous appetite to buy the character toys.” (Junya Okabe, producer, writer and director, CEO of IDA, Inc.)

Unless they are appealing to the American adult market that finds anatomically correct dinosaurs hilarious (of which I am one) I think they have the absolute wrong idea of what kids want.  Budget military gear isn’t cool. Complete lack of cool stuff  like mazer cannons or awesome-cool future jets. And only one kaiju monster that looks more like he has a “kick me sign” on him than the air of bad ass. Milla at least had the “cute” big eye thing going.

But hey. I’ve been in editor mode for the last few days reviewing stories for two upcoming books for 01 Publishing. I’m a bit critical right now.

Take a look and judge for yourself.