An event happened pretty close to home that made me absolutely want to vomit.

The minister at the Church of Christ in Norco California is extremely anti-gay. However, that did not stop him from presiding over the funeral of man who was gay

This minister performed the ceremony with all the proper respects, gave his condolences to the loved ones, then ran to Facebook to bash the deceased and publicly declare that he was going to hell. His Facebook is being followed by his parishioners, including the family of the man who just passed.

Why do I know all this. Because unfortunately this minister is related to me by marriage.

There are a million and one things that are wrong about what this man has done. From his greed and insensitivity, to the fact that his excuse is that the deceased and his family are sinners and that is why it’s ok to treat them badly, and so on.

This sort of treatment of other human beings it what leads to people getting shot for no other reason than “they aren’t like us.”

If you hear of somebody being intolerant (you don’t have to like it, just be respectful) of another person’s basic rights, speak up and say something. These people think they can treat others this way because they are never called on it. I can honestly say that this is the first time this minister has ever been seriously called on his intolerance and you can read it in his Facebook post.

What do you do to a bully? You punch him in the nose.

So, in the interest of trying to help promote equality, I am going to call upon the powers of George Takei. At the very least, this video makes me not want to go down to Norco and punch this “man of god” in the nose, because I’m really tempted to do so. Please click on the link below, and enjoy.