Yes, this is a thing that exists. It will be at a film festival in Los Angeles in June, followed by DVD racks everywhere. I can’t embed the trailer in my page so GO HERE to view this thing. I’m not a fan of the ponies. I saw the first season but after the episode with “Q” I lost interest. But I can see why people liked the show. All of the main characters are well rounded and not cookie cutter. They all have personality flaws and none of them are exactly what you would expect. They also argue and get into fights in realistic ways and genuinely seem to like being friends with each other. Not only that, the show actually DOES have good messages for young kids growing up. Something childrens programming is sadly lacking. This.. thing.. that Hasbro has created basically turns the ponies into yet another mindless teen movie. Twilight Sparkle and the school bitch are competing for some popularity contest (pick one, it doesn’t matter) as well as the affections of some dude and at the end of the day you know Twilight is going to get both. This leaves the bitch to be revealed to the whole school that she is exactly that. A bitch. And is ridiculed away. The formula is so old that even dead people know what’s going to happen. If they ended it like Carrie I would think it was more in keeping with the actual show but we all know that it’s going to be more like She’s All That… but with pony girls instead of a girl with glasses. epic_3e2b21_2260344In case you can’t tell, I am genuinely pissed at the dumbing down and slutting out of some actual real role models for young girls. If they looked like the picture on the left I would only have a problem with the actual story and premise rather than the entire package. But the only reason why I’m not as shocked as I should be is because Hasbro is the one who is doing it. These guys are in the business of selling toys and that is ALL they think about.

All they see is:

  • the Bratz dolls are popular
  • Monster High is popular
  • Ponies are popular
  • Bratz are sluts
  • Monster High are sluts
  • Therefore if they tart up the ponies and send them to high school that should give them an edge in the market… right?

Here is a quote from the New York Times:

“We are responding to the desire by our fans to experience the brand in more ways,” said John A. Frascotti, Hasbro’s chief marketing officer. “They imagined themselves as which pony they would be or which pony they identified with the most.” “It is a major strategic initiative for us,” Mr. Frascotti said, one that will feature toys, apparel, publishing and accessories. Multimedia components include an interactive Web site, content on YouTube and a partnership with, a fashion Web site for girls.

Yes ladies. It is official Habro thinks that you and your daughters are morons. Your daughters, because they will want any girly thing they see on TV, and YOU because you will be the one to shell out the money to buy it for them.

Fuck you Hasbro. And fuck you to anyone out there that supports this new look of the Ponies.

Sourced from NY Times, The Outhousers, and FunkyJunkie

P.S. Why is Rainbow Dash in a mini skirt? You can’t play sports in a mini skirt. A League of their Own showed us that! I guess she was too butch for them, so they put her in a skirt to feminize her. Just like that preacher, who wanted men to punch their boys in the face if they are gay.