Imagine if you will that you meet a man on the street who clames to be a sourcerer. He says, “For $500 I’ll turn you invisible.”

wizard-bank-robberYou think it’s a good deal so you shell out the money. Now, what should you do with your new found abilities? Sneak into the boys/girls locker at the gym? Play practical jokes on people? Fight crime? Or how about, attempt to rob a bank.

And yes, that is exactly what this man did. Living in Iran, he met a person on the street who claimed to be a sorcerer. The Hogwarts-reject sold our perp a “spell”, which the perp strapped to his arm. He then walked into a bank and attempted to snatch money out of peoples hands. Rather than run away in terror the patrons of the bank quickly overpowered him.

At his trial he was quoted as saying:

I made a mistake. I understand now what a big trick was played on me.

This just goes to show that life truely is stranger than fiction sometimes.

Sourced from Metro and FactualFacts