fwordToday on Video Friday I would like to educate my readers on a subject that is near and dear to my heart. So dear, in fact, that I had a column all about it on Comic Related.com. Please feel free to comment in the comment section on what you think of the following.

The subject  is Feminism. Specifically Modern Militant Feminism, and how much I LOATHE the movement. Militant feminism is sexism of males under the disguise of  fighting oppression and demanding equality. It isn’t about actual equality. It is all about professional victims unjustly punishing males.

Today I am going to talk about one specific handful of militants, who attempted to redefine atheism. ATHEISM! You know, the idea that there is no god. They tried to turn it into a “movement” to fight sexism. Even calling themselves “Atheism Plus” and claiming  that besides fighting misogyny for “social justice” which, again pertains only to women’s issues. I don’t know why Jen McCreight, founder of Atheism Plus, and the other members feel that they needed to make a little club that was about feminism AND atheism. But they did.  And then they tried to take over other atheist groups and conventions, claiming there weren’t enough women involved. Continuing on to make blanket statements including all women in their little She-Ra, Man-haters club.

Let me make something perfectly clear, people like Jen McCreight and Rebecca Watson (aka Skeptchick) DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME! They do not represent my thoughts, feelings, ideas, how I view men, or when I feel threatened or uncomfortable in a social scene. Just because they have tits and I have tits does not mean that I want ANYTHING to do with them or their self centered, privileged white female views and bull shit attempts to prove they are oppressed. They are not oppressed. The are just pissed that there are clubs out there that don’t want them running the show.

Quite frankly, females like these two are sick. There is something seriously psychologically wrong with them. This need to constantly play the victim while committing the exact same discrimination they accuse men of is a clear indication they need to visit a psychologist.

So, without further ado I turn you over to the soothing British accent of “Thunderf00t”. A scientist, an atheist, an educator, and somebody who has been personally attacked by this movement for questioning the logic of their actions.