Ok everyone. This is the home stretch for World War Kaiju. We only need $1,245 to make our goal!! So please, visit the Kickstarter, watch the video (if you haven’t yet), and consider supporting us. Every little bit helps.

And we’ve even recently added some of the concept designs for the monsters. Both ones that will appear in the first chapter, and those that will appear later.



In other awesome news, Geeks of Doom gave Utopiates an amazing review!

From the precise beginning, writer Josh Finney hooks you just like the utopiates themselves, and demands your attention from start to finish.

As well, the Outhousers gave Utopiates an awesome review too!

These are not good people with flaws that the reader is supposed to like in spite of their actions but rather people whose decisions have real consequences. If you are looking for a book that glorifies drug use, one filled with “stoner humor,” or even something that preaches the freedom drug use can bring the mind then Utopiates is not for you. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a book that takes drug use along the same path as technology, and the dangers in both, then read Utopiates.

And what’s more, Amazon only has one copy left as of the writing of this blog. Don’t worry. We’ll send them more soon so if you want the book, put in your order now!