Little known fact about myself. When I was in 8th grade I became obsessed with raptors. Not the dinosaur (I well exhausted that obsession years before) but hawks, eagles, owls, merlins, etc. I even sent away for my pack to obtain my falconry license and started studying birds. Unfortunately the final requirement to obtain a falconry license is to build one of the special homes for the birds. Even if you don’t plan to keep one, you need to have it built and inspected to prove you know how to take care of the animal. Considering I was living in an apartment at the time… and I was only 14 I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to get my license. BUT it hasn’t stopped me from loving these birds.

So without further ado I share with you this video on owls. Look at how tiny the screech owl is. They are only 7inches tall and their eyes are two thirds the size of their heads. They are like little deadly pokemon. I always wanted one… can you tell?

Kaiju Update:
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