So I hop on to twitter to see what all is going on in the world (because this is how I tend to keep in touch with people) and a friend posts the following picture.

Now, besides the obvious question of “WHY?!” and few things come to mind.

1) Besides all the other scale and anatomy problems, the fact that John Ritter’s head is the size of an infant really bugs me.
2) Where are the Zombies for Betty to kill with Ash’s chainsaw?
3) Why are they in the blighted land ruled by Vigo the Carpathian in Ghostbusters 2?
4) John Ritter has been though worse in his career. Besides being an abusive stepfather android on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he defeated the television Satan in Stay Tuned. He was turned into the Artist Formerly Known as Prince! So why should he be afraid of a Betty-White Xena or be at all concerned that he’s now a misshapen centaur?  Really I think they all should be more concerned by the fact that not only is the lighting on these figures horribly mismatched, but that they cast no shadow on this accursed or primordial world.

What are your thoughts on this picture?
And does anybody know who created this?