its-not-rape_o_1081455 Rape is one of THE most heinous, awful, vile crimes committed. Possibly the WORST crime committed, even above murder. To rape is to kill someone inside, to violate them in most vicious of ways, and then doom them to a life time of trauma. To be a rapist is to be scum. In my eyes, there is no one lower, sicker, or more reprehensible than the rapists… save one.

The false accuser.

This is someone who cries “rape!” out of spite, envy, personal gain, or even just attention. Every false rape allegation makes it that much harder for real victims to find justice. It reduced the impact of how awful this crime really is. And worse, it destroys the lives of innocent people. I repeat, INNOCENT people. Take for example the story of a cab driver who was accused of rape by the women he was driving because they didn’t want to pay him $13.

Or the story of this woman who told everybody she was raped because she wanted her friends to feel sorry for her.

These women are not heroes as some feminists have claimed. These women are criminals who have destroyed lives for no other reason than spite and personal gain.

Meet Jen McCreight. feminist and founder of Atheism Plus, a group dedicated to forcing feminist ideals into the atheism and reason movement. McCreight is on a personal crusade to prove any male atheist, agnostic, skeptic, or scientist who doesn’t join her “Athiesm Plus ” club is a “potential” rapist. You may have heard of Ms. McCreight. She was the brilliant mind behind the “Boobquake”  rally, which encourage women to go topless and/or wear revealing clothing to defy the Mullahs of Iran. In theory, a fun idea. But once she realized people were more interested in her tits than recognizing her as a great feminist leader she shifted gears and set her sights on the atheism/skeptic movement.

In practice, McCreight’s group has shown its interest in the atheist/reason community extends only insofar as attempting to co-opt well established skeptic conventions and twisting them into woman-centric political rallies. Predictably, Atheism Plus has not been well received. McCreight’s response? Wage a concerted effort to slander Atheism/Reason community by portraying it as a den of sex hungry, woman hating, rapists.

To date, the cult of Atheism Plus has…

  • Used the ironically named “Free-Though Blogs” community to slander countless members of the scientific world.
  • Created phantom accounts to impersonate individuals and then portray them as sexual abusers.
  • Massively abused DMRC laws to silence anyone who disagrees with them.
  • Engaged in erroneous take down of blog posts,
  • Pressured convention organizers to ban anyone they dislike from conventions.
  • Made overblown claims of harassment, including this incident: elevatorgate.

And now they have set their sights on Michael Shermer,  founder of Skeptic Magazine and a writer for Scientific American. He also hosts The Skeptics Society’s Distinguished Science Lecture Series, is a professor at Claremont Graduate University and Chapman University, and is an author of a slew of books.  Atheism Plus has gone after him for simply reporting on scientific studies which the group does not approve of. In a Facebook post from 2012 he writes:

The feminist witch hunt continues! Ophelia Benson and PZ Myers have caught me again being a sexist: Trolling through my Scientific American columns Ophelia discovered that in my October column I report on Leonard Mlodinow’s book Subliminal, in which he reports on studies that report on people’s report of how they feel about politicians based on various subliminal cues, one of which is the pitch of the voice, lower judged as more truthful than higher (although looks matter even more). Guess what? My reporting of Leonard’s reporting of the studies’ reporting of subjects’ reports makes ME a sexist! Wiiiiiiitch. Seriously. I couldn’t make this up (note PZ’s comment on my own voice!)

Not content to call him sexist for simply reporting about a study about voice pitch, PZ Myers (a leading figure in the Atheism Plus movement) has now accused Shermer of rape with no more evidence beyond an “anonymous” tip.

But it doesn’t stop there. Remember, PZ Myers and Atheism Plus have a history of going after scientists and skeptics who don’t agree with them. Or worse, ignore them.

AtheismPlus02Atheism Plus co-founder Jen Mccreight has accused Theoretical Physicist Lawrence Krauss of being the number one offender of sexual harassment with admittedly no evidence. She then backed off from the accusation and changed her story when rumblings of a lawsuit came from the Krauss camp. Interestingly, not a single one of Atheism Plus’ many accusations have EVER been taken to the police. This speaks volumes.

akin-Rape-bySipIt is because of behavior like this that bigots like Ted Akin are able to gain political capital with claims like his “legitimate rape” comment . It is because of behavior like this that real victims are being ignored or made to feel like they can’t come forward for fear of being called liars. It is because of behavior like this that women in general are not taken seriously and are often thought of as being stupid and incapable of rational thought.

Atheism Plus is not a movement. It’s a girls club for drama hungry sociopaths who have made careers out of playing the victim. If they are indeed the new face of both feminism and atheism as they claim,  then I for one will don on a Guy Faux mask and fight them to the end.

Lying about rape should be criminally prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No exception. If solid, incontrovertible evidence can be produced, a false accuser should serve the same sentence a rapist would. End of story.

False accusations destroy lives. Often the falsely accused lose their family, their marriage, their job, the right to see their children, their reputation, and their ability to function in society. In essence, they lose their entire life. Murder would be kinder.


And now, I ask that you watch “Don’t be that lying feminist” if you still need to be convinced.

Author’s Note: it has come to my attention that one of the quotes I used had not been made by Lawrence Krauss. I have removed that quote from my article.