mysterious-sea-beast-in-spainI love it when dead cryptids wash up on shore. It’s like some giant, rotting Rorschach test. Take a look at the rotting blob, what strange creature do you see? In this case the 13ft. carcass that washed up on the Almerian shore in Spain has been described as looking like a dragon or a sea serpent. Specifically because of the horn-like objects protruding from the detached head.

Luckily, experts and real scientists aren’t as quick to jump on the mythical as some. Dean Grubbs an ichthyologist  from the University of Florida says,  “That is definitely a shark skeleton…The elements toward the back were confusing me, but those are the lower caudal fin supports. The ‘horns’ are the scapulocoracoids which support the pectoral fins.”

Other experts believe it may be a thresher shark, or an oar fish. Though oar fish have been found dead on beaches, it was only until recently that a live one was captured on film, and they are said to be the cause for legends of sea serpents.

The one thing they all agree on is the smell. The creature washed up badly decomposed and and rotting when it was first discovered and all of the reports I have read brought up it’s stink quite prominently.


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