It is important to never stop learning, because as we learn new things we become better people. I learned something today and it kinda makes me want to retreat away from social media for a while.

Did you know that Minnesota has an Internet Cat Video Festival?

Let me phrase it differently in case you didn’t quite catch it. Minnesota, not content to have both a pro-wrestler and a vampire run in the same Governor Election, actually has a convention dedicated to people who make internet videos of their cats and themselves dressed up as cats.

Now I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking that Oakland CA has a film festival of their own, so what is the big deal? Well, Oakland festival is for charity, specifically for the SPCA.. so.. you know.. its for a good cause. Also, Minneapolis festival culminated in a mini film about Lil Bub (The Perma-kitten) and Tardar Sauce (aka. the Grumpy Cat) meeting for the first time on what appears to be a hotel bed, possibly in a motor home or trailer.

Yes, people thought it would be a good idea for these two to meet, the owners agreed, they filmed it, and it was the highlight of a film festival filled with other videos of other people’s cats doing cute thing.

It’s official. I don’t understand what gets people going in social media anymore. The Rainbow Poptart Cat I could understand. Grumpy Cat brand iced coffee I could understand. This…. :shakes head: I just don’t know. It strikes me as something that only old lonely cat ladies whose kids are grown would get excited about… but this story has been circulating places like Laughing Squid.

Do you understand it? If so, please write a comment.

In the meantime, watch this video of a ballerina with knives on her feet.

source: Geekologie