James, the Amazing Randi has been astounding audiences for years. First with his escape acts and magic tricks, and now with his ability to debunk psychics, mentalists, and faith healers. Following in the tradition of Houdini, Randi does not say that he does not believe in the paranormal, only that nobody has actually proven it to him yet. And he has a 1 Million dollar prize for the person who can. Randi has debunked TV Evangelists like Peter Popoff, those who claim to speak to the dead, mind readers (on Barbara Walter’s show no less) and those who claim to move objects with their minds like in this video. Randi debunks popular psychic James Hydrick on national television.

I highly recommend you look up James Randi online, he has some more … well, amazing videos and other fun facts that people should know. It is one thing to be entertained, it’s another to be swindled.