Not only is today Friday, it’s Friday 13th. So to celebrate I’m bringing you some cool, weird, creepy, and funny things that I found today.

Spine Vodka
A vanilla flavored vodka that shows you it’s got a backbone by having a full spine and ribcage placed into each bottle. Admit it, you know you want some.


Artist, Diddo has created this art piece entitled Ecco Animal. It is a recreation of the human skull out of cocaine (street sourced the website says) and gelatin. He says it is to “speak to human nature and self control”.  What I found interesting is that after Diddo purchased the cocaine off the street he actually took it to a lab to have it tested for purity.  The result was 15% to 20% cocaine. The rest were all cutting agents including Phenacetin (fever reducer), Caffeine, Paracetamol (over the counter headache medicine), and various sugars.

coke-head-1 coke-head-3

Giant Spider Invasion
No I’m not talking the horrid film MST 3K Covered in ’98. I’m talking about the spider that wandered onto a video camera watching the Space Shuttle before launch.

Roadkill Bigfoot
This one happened about a year ago in 2012 and if it didn’t win a Darwin Award I would be very surprised.  A man in Montana attempted to pull his own Bigfoot hoax by wearing a Ghillie (Wookie) suit to blend in with the foliage that lined Highway 93. He was apperantly hit by two cars driving down the road.

“He was trying to make people think he was Sasquatch, so people would call in a Sasquatch sighting,” one of his friends told officers after the fact.

“Obviously, his suit made it difficult for people to see him,” one of the officers told local news. ““Alcohol may have been a factor.”

not the man, but another Sasquatch impersonator