Ever since Bulldozer Operator Raymond Wallace created those footprints on Bluff Creek CA in 1958, Americans’ imaginations have been captivated by the idea of a foul smelling ape man roaming the wilderness. Many inebriated and some sober folk swear they’ve seen him.  Nobody has been able to produce proof that “Bigfoot” exists though many have staged hoaxes to convince others. And other people have actually died in the attempt.

Josh Stevens, a PhD at Penn State went through the  Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization‘s archives and compiled data from 3,313 supposed sightings over the course of 92 yrs.


AMAZINGLY *sarcasm* the less-densely populated areas have the most Sasquatch sitings while the more people that live someplace the less likely a Sasquatch will be seen. I want to see the numbers on the sobriety and education level of these places as well.