marcusMy dear friend, Nicholas Almand passed away on October 21, 2013 due to complications with cancer. He was only 30yrs old. I met Nick through the Comic Geek Speak boards back in 2006 and over the years we talked a lot about comics and where our careers were going.  At the time he was working on a book entitled Razor Kid which artwork can be seen on his Deviant Art account.  Most recently he had been working on three projects that I was aware of.  The first was a project for Oni that he kept secret, but you can see pictures on his DA profile. I hope they publish it.

The second was a “download and play” game called Wushu Academy which was a cross between Battle Royale and Marvel vs. Capcom. It was in the beta state of testing and he was talking about adding some new characters and dimensions to the game. You can see artwork for it on his DA account and I think it would have done well once it was released.


The last project is Sons of Nowhere which was an amazing take on the idea of genetically engineering super beings. In fact, one of his stories from this world is in our Whispers from the Abyss anthology. What struck me about SoN was how realistic his portrayal of young kids and bullying was. What he put his characters through was heart wrenching and brutally honest as far as what levels of abuse were tolerated in schools, especially if the abuser is a jock or a favorite of the teachers. I also really liked that the abilities the kids had were not “superpowers” at all… more like bending of reality… and how they manifested were a great deal more realistic than anything the X men produced.


I talk about all of Nick’s projects because I want his world and his ideas to live on. He was working so hard on so much, I don’t want any of it to go to waste. If in 2014 you see a book with Nicholas Almand’s name on it published by Oni, buy it. Visit his websites and learn about his worlds.

Nick was a very good friend. I am going to miss him greatly. I had only been texting with him last week and he was talking about how he couldn’t wait to get out of the hospital. He had been doing so well when he came out to SDCC, My husband and I never thought we would have to say good bye.

I want to say more… but the words just aren’t coming right now.

Please, consider donating to cancer research. This is a link to the American Cancer Society and the Mayo Clinic. Cancer is a horrible disease that can hit anybody at any time. I have another good friend who has been battling his for the past two years, and a cousin who was diagnosed at the age of 19 who is still fighting.