In response to this article on the Huffington Post
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Ok people. Look, here is the truth of the matter:

Women outnumber men in colleges 3 to 1.
Women outnumber men in all the social sciences by roughly 70%-80%.
Women outnumber men in medicine in all fields but one—surgery.
Women outnumber men in much of the biological sciences.

The program to get women into the sciences and medical fields HAS WORKED!!! The problem is, many people don’t see it as a victory until women dominate ALL previously male-held jobs in the sciences There has been a concerted effort over the last thirty years to get women into STEM fields, and no matter how hard they’ve tried, there are certain fields of research that only a handful of women will be interested in. Most of them involve mathematics and engineering. There is nothing wrong with this. There is nothing wrong with women preferring the life sciences over those involving mathematics and logic-based reasoning. It’s not sexism that is keeping women out of these fields, it’s personal choice.

The fact is, any women who wants to enter these fields is give a ton of opportunity. The women who want into these fields ARE in these fields. And the sooner we all can accept that the sexes are equal BUT DIFFERENT the better.

If you want real sexism and injustice against a particular gender try this on for size:

Boys are dropping out of high school at record rates.
The college acceptance and graduation rates of males is plunging to a historic low.
Women out number men in colleges 3 to 1.

Due to the feminist agenda twisting Title IX, men’s athletics programs are being shutdown all over the country, which is denying a lot of minority men a chance at college.
84% of all suicides are men and teenage boys

What the feminists fail to comprehend is that the playing field is level and that women are welcome in all industries. But this isn’t enough. They won’t be satisfied till women rule all fields formerly held largely by men and they are willing to shut down programs, companies, and jobs and sacrifice men in order to achieve their sexist goals of female domination.

Thanks to parity requirements, STEM fields that cannot generate 50% female enrollment are having their funding pull and being shut down. This is greatly contributing to America falling behind in the race for space, green energy, computers, transportation, etc., not to mention the loss of much needed jobs. Remember, this is a field that women largely DON’T WANT to go into, and it’s not for lack of encouragement.

Equality among the sexes means exactly that, equality. And with equality, comes differences. Some people do things better than others. And some groups of people are more prone to going into some fields of study than others. Taking opportunity away from men because you want more women in the sciences is causing more problems than it is fixing. Defunding sports, math, and science programs in schools has shown a marked increase in male unemployment and a severe increase in crime. When people (not just men) don’t have opportunities, they turn to the only options they have left.

Lets put aside this war of the sexes. Lets put aside this bull shit and and just accept that women do some things better than men, and men are better at some things than women. Leave the door of opportunity open to everybody so that anyone who wishes to can participate, and lets make jobs based on ability and talent rather than gender.