Re posting a rant I made on Facebook.

10421542_10204557220276871_1405079355335040618_nJust gotta say it. Everybody was so excited (yes, excited) to hear that a girl was attacked at Comic Con. News sites couldn’t wait to go on the witch hunt for the rapest who assaulted this “poor underage cosplayer”. And it didn’t’ help that the girl’s mother panicked and posted all sorts of things that weren’t true on facebook or that a man was arrested in this case.

And what did it turn out to be. The girl took a header at the hotel pool because she was intoxicated. That’s all. No assault, no rape, just a drunken tumble onto concrete. And the man who was arrested was arrested only because he admitted to giving her alcohol hours before hand and was released that night. Delinquency of a minor is not a rape charge.

Seriously people, is THIS what you want our conventions to turn into?! Feminists and social justice warriors seeing rape and harassment around every corner? Eager to point the finger at any male that comes along and say “you are a potential rapest and YOU are responsible for what has happened to this girl because you have a penis”. They are so hell bent to demand guards and escorts and scream that conventions are filled with perverts that they miss the obvious. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Yes, personal responsibility. This girl ran off from her friends, got drunk, and was injured due to her own actions. Nobody else’s. And as far as the convention floor is concerned, I do know there are perverts around who just want to cop a feel, but I have also seen more than one cosplayer shove her breasts into many a man’s face for pictures, or dry hump a vender while wearing a Slave Lea outfit. Your own actions speak for themselves ladies. The costume does not give you license to act provocatively with strangers and then cry sexual harassment when they cop a feel. The AVNs conduct themselves with better dignity and maturity, AND THEY ARE PORN STARS!!!

Do conventions need to enforce the “no groping” rules already in place or enact new ones? Yes

Does better security need to be put in place by the convention hosts and hotels? Yes

Do publishing companies need to provide better security for their cosplaying booth girls or guests? Yes

Should cosplayers hire their own body guards or at least travel in groups if they are concerned about harassment? Yes

Should cosplayers police themselves on behavior with convention patrons and enact their own rules for conduct? Yes

Should everybody just calm the fuck down and have a good time at convention? YES