My name is Kat Rocha. I am a woman and I am a gamer. I have been
playing games since I was in elementary school with the original NES.

The corruption and backdoor deals in the gaming industry have gone on
too long. We all knew that palms were being greased and deals were
being brokered but this blatant favoritism and abuse of power needs to
end. So does the endless preaching about identity politics.

I long for a time when gaming was about playing awesome games and
having fun with friends. Now corruption is killing this industry. Now
Social Justice Warriors are snuffing out all fun.

So I ask of you this—
Don’t take away my games filled with fantasy and escapism.
Don’t take away my games where I can play big breasted heroines who kick ass.
Don’t take away my games with gritty themes and shocking violence.
Don’t kill the industry that created engaging titles like Fallout: New
Vegas, Saints Row 2, Borderlands 2, and BioShock Infinite.
Don’t take away my games where I can do all the things I can’t do in real life

So please, stop doing business with news outlets who care more about
extremist gender politics than good gaming.
Please forbid your employees from being personally involved with
members of the media
Only do business with news sources willing to clean house and respect
their readers like Escapists Magazine.
And stop doing business with con artists like Silverstring Media.

I vote with my money. And I don’t care how good everybody says a game
is, I will not buy anything my fellow gamers say is crap. There
have been too many blatant lies in the press. I can no longer trust
news sources like Kotaku, Destructoid, Polygon, RockPaperShotgun, and
Vice: Motherboard. Due to their lies about games, I will never again
purchase a game upon release. I’ll wait to hear what my friends say.

And finally, stop giving your advertising  dollars to publications
that publically state their hatred of gamers, the gaming community,
and the kind of games I like to play.

Thank you for your time