READ: An Open Letter to Emma Watson. by “Eldritch Edain”

A wonderfully written rebuttal to Ms. Watson’s speech. One thing the feminists and liberals don’t seem to understand is that people don’t have a problem with the concept of equality between the sexes. We have a problem with how unequally men have been treated by the law and society, and how the definition of “feminism” is being used whenever the SJWs are called out for not treating either gender equally.

Men are not being treated as equals. Men are not given the same opportunities in jobs, healthcare, social services, or legal due process and justice that women are. Women rape, women abuse children, women commit and instigate domestic violence yet it is always men who are punished the more severely and often the woman get’s away with no punishment.

We will never have real equality until all gender biased laws and practices are stricken and erased and everybody is treated exactly the same. This includes divorce, rape charges, child abuse charges, child support, child custody, domestic violence, wages vs. time spent on the job, healthcare, etc.