CFAphoto-originalHey Everybody!

I’m part of another awesome Kickstarter campaign called Case File: ARKHAM and man is it taking off like a shot! Not only did we get “Staff Pick” within 12hrs. of launching but we’re also on the front page of Kickstarter’s website as a “News and Noteworthy” campaign.

So, What is it all about?

Short Pitch: “What if Raymond Chandler wrote Lovecraft stories?”

Set in the mid-1940s, Strange Cases follows Hank Flynn, a down on his luck private eye who is back from the war and now working the mean streets of the most cursed city on Earth—Arkham, Massachusetts. And things only get worse for Flynn when a wealthy uptown socialite hires him to track down an artist by the name of Pickman. What begins as a simple missing persons case leads Flynn down a dark path of flesh eating ghouls, vengeful witches, and the notorious Innsmouth mafia.
Written by Josh Finney (World War Kaiju, Titanium Rain) and art by Patrick McEvoy (Call of Cthuhlu/Arkham Horror)

Who will like this?
Fans of H.P. Lovecraft, Cthulhu, Dagon, mythos, psycological horror, supernatural horror, Kolcheck: the Night Stalker, Raymond Chandler, Philip Marlowe, PI, Privite Investigator, James Elroy, Crime, Noir, Chinatown, Maltese Falcon, Big Sleep, Bogart, Dunwich, deep ones, tentacles.

Please come check out the Kickstarter Page and supporting this awesome book.


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