Do you like to mutilate babes while making gobs of money? Sure, we all do! So why not jump in on this exciting new avenue of cosmetics made especially for the super rich. Human Forskin! You heard me right. Women in the top 1% of the economic food chain have now found a way to show off their misanthropy and continue to pretend they are still in their 40’s. It’s a beauty product made out of the mutilated genitals of human baby boys.

Now you’re probably thinking that this product comes from those fashion boutiques in France. But the best part is, this company is based out of Carlsbad California and one of the owners is OPRAH! Yes, our very own Oprah delights in smearing baby dicks on her face to keep that youthful appearance.

But don’t take my word for it. See this video with Michelle Park as she demonstrates how wonderful ground up baby dicks makes your face and hands and ups your self esteem by feeding into that sick psyche that some women have where they delight in the disfigurement of the opposite sex.