mapLast night’s election results have been met with a lot of fear and anger. I get it and  I understand. But lets give credit where credit is due. Don’t forget who put us all in this position in the first place. Right now what the Democratic National Party (DNC) needs is take a long hard look in the mirror. President Trump would never have happened if the Democrats had backed a better candidate. Lets be honest, they could have ran just about ANYBODY else in the party and defeated Trump. Instead, they ran Hillary Clinton who is quite possibly the ONLY democrat in politics today that is so disliked and distrusted that Americans would rather suffer through four years of Trump than deal with her.

Don’t believe the hype. Trump’s victory isn’t about gender, or race, or even Islamic terrorism. Trump was a protest vote. For Republican, a Trump vote was a statement against what the RNC has become over the years. For Democrats, Trump was a statement against Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s reign, Obamas failures at home and abroad, and the fact that Hillary embodied everything wrong with the Party.

The DNC should have backed Bernie, not conspired against him. Even with all the DNC’s dirty tricks, the media’s embargo of his campaign, and vote rigging, Bernie STILL won the popular vote in the primaries. Bernie was the people’s choice.

Yes, get mad. Scream with rage! But be sure to direct it towards those responsible for this mess– the Democratic National Committee. Tell them you are infuriated that they foisted upon us a candidate who is a walking political and legal scandal. A candidate whose position on issues changes depending on who she’s speaking with and how much money they are giving her campaign. A candidate charged with voter fraud and under FBI investigation. A candidate that is unable to understand what “top secret” means or how emails work. A candidate that has been vocal of her hatred toward men, has spoken openly about entering into another war in the middle east, who has foreign nations like Saudi Arabia funding her, and whose health problems call into question her judgment, her sanity, and her mental cognitive abilities.

Tell them to pick somebody the people actually want. Tell them to pick somebody the people will actually vote for. Tell them to back somebody like Elizabeth Warren in the next four years, and to remember that there job is to serve THE PEOPLE and not themselves and their personal agendas.