A letter to those I thought I knew…

backstabI’ve known for awhile that certain individuals have been talking behind my back, saying horrible and hurtful things about me. Things that are not true. This has come from family, friends, people who I love. When I confront them, I’m met with silence, deflection, even the outright pretending not to hear me.

So this is my last attempt to get through to YOU, those who have come to believe the worst about me.

I am not a bigot.

I am not a racist.

No, I don’t suffer from “internalized misogyny”.

No, I do not want to see Mexicans,Muslims or Homosexuals rounded up and put in camps.

When have I EVER supported such hateful, insane views?

The answer is NEVER.

It is true I am not a Hillary supporter. I have never made that secret. I voted for Bernie. I supported Bernie in the election. Bernie is and was the best candidate for the job.

So you’re upset about Trump’s victory. Fine, but I refuse to be a target for your rage. Direct your anger towards those who are deserving.

Direct your anger toward the DNC for propping up the only Democrat on the planet capable of losing to a reality TV star.

Allow me to make one last thing perfectly clear: As a proud citizen of the United States I will fight to preserve the freedoms and liberties this country was founded upon. If our government does start rounding people up and putting them into camps I am more than willing to pickup a rifle and defend the rights of EVERYONE, regardless of race or creed—include you, the friends and family who accuse me of wanting to take away rights from minorities, gays, Muslims, women, Mexicans etc.


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