It’s been a long time since I’ve done these blogs of random things I find on the internet. Too long in fact. My blog has been shouting at me for the neglect I’ve shown it.
But, I’m back. I’m here again with the goal of posting something fun and weird at least once a week. Hopefully more often.
And what better way to kick it off than with something bootlegged and perverted from Japan.
Are you an aspiring Pokemon Master? Ever wanted to charge your cell phone using energy from Pikachu’s ass? Well look no further than this strange, non-licensed device.


Personally, I’m shocked it isn’t a licensed product, especially considering some of the real Pokemon products that are out there.
Source: Geekologie

“But wait!” I hear you say, “What if I don’t have a smart phone? And Apple products are so expensive.” Well, you can look to America to help you with this. Say “fuck you” to Apple and hello to the Banana. This IndieGogo campaign wants to give you phone that will do more than start conversations.

Yes, it’s a phone, shaped like a banana. Because everybody needs a phone that is shaped like a banana.


And as of May of 2017 it has more than met it’s goal. So when somebody asks if that’s a banana in your pocket, you can say “No, it’s my phone”.

Source: IndieGogo

Hope you enjoyed these. Let me know if there are any themes or products you’d like me to cover in the future.