When it comes to politics I try very hard to be non-biased. To present the facts as I have found them and let the reader make their own decisions.

But this time, it’s personal.

Today, I read this story in the LA Times that our Secretary of State is refusing to turn over the voting results of the 2016 election.

President Trump’s voter fraud commission will not be getting the names and addresses of California’s registered voters. The panel’s request was denied on Thursday by Secretary of State Alex Padilla, who said it would only “legitimize” false claims of massive election cheating last fall.

Padilla refused to hand over data, including the names, addresses, political party and voting history of California’s 19.4 million voters. Kris Kobach, the secretary of state of Kansas who serves as vice chairman of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, sent letters to all 50 states on Wednesday for information he said would help the group examine rules that either “enhance or undermine the American people’s confidence in the integrity of federal elections processes.”

LA Times

In 2016 my husband’s vote was stolen in the CA primary elections. His party affiliation was changed from Democrat to American Independent Party. They also changed his status from Voting in Person to Mail Vote. He never requested either of these changes and he never received a mail ballot.

vbr-sos-original-2014When he went to vote at our local polling place in June of 2016 for the Primaries he was at first turned away. At our insistence that he never voted he was given a provisional ballot. 220,000+ provisional ballots were not counted in this election.
My husband reported his experience to the CA Secretary of State in person and changed his voter registration to “No Party Preference” and specifically stated that he wanted to vote at a polling place.

When his practice ballot arrived his party affiliation was correct but he was still marked for mail voting and was sent a mail in ballot. He took that mail in ballot, blank, with him to the polls in November. The same woman heading the polling place tried to turn him away again but the Monitor on duty luckily overheard the conversation and told her to let him vote since he did not use the mail in ballot.

It is my opinion that the CA SOS is trying to hide it’s attempts to commit voter fraud in the 2016 Primary and General Election. There is no other reason to withhold this information. I have worked with victims of fraud for the past 12yrs. Only the guilty hide their information.

This is my story.

Read the article for yourself. Gather the facts and make your own decisions.