Wow.. You simply can’t make this shit up. I don’t just mean the necrophilia. I don’t just mean that “satanists” are involved.

I mean that they found him when the cops exhumed the body of a cold case victim and discovered she had limbs missing. WOW!!

Son Of Funeral Home Owner Accused Of Building Sex Doll Out Of Dead Body Parts


Milwaukee, WI | The son of a Milwaukee funeral home owner has been arrested after he allegedly used limbs and several body parts from corpses at his father’s business to make himself a customized sex doll.

Steven Adams, 38, had been working as a funeral home director for nearly two years after taking over his fathers business at the Adams Sons Funeral Home in Milwaukee. He drew suspicion when authorities exhumed the female body of a 27-year-old cold case victim in the hope of backing up new evidence. Upon exhumation, technicians were shocked to find missing limbs inconsistent with how the victim died.

The investigation quickly led to Mr. Adams as the main suspect and a warrant was issued to search his home where authorities found the makeshift sex doll in the basement. The suspect confessed to using a saw to cut limbs off of cadavers and placing them in a plastic bag which he then placed in a backpack before bringing them home where he apparently reassembled them later.

The parents of the 38-year-old man, whom he still lived with at the time of the arrest, were shocked to learn their son had been hiding dead body parts in their own basement.

“We never suspected anything was wrong with Steven’s behavior,” explained his mother to local reporters.

“He would always talk about his girlfriend and how beautiful she was. He would show us the nice dresses he bought for her but we never got to meet her,” expressed his mother in tears.

“Sometimes he would make so much noise while having sex downstairs that it would wake me up in the middle of the night” admitted his father, visibly still under shock.

Shocking Claims

Milwaukee police officials confirmed further investigation could lead to other arrests as the suspect himself has testified to police that he was not alone to partake in sexual activities with the corpses at the funeral home.

“The suspect has made claims that he assisted members of a satanic cult to have sexual intercourse with a number of dead bodies in exchange for money,” said Police Officer, Alan Clayborn.

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