My British friends, the Rubicon has been officially crossed. The UK just jailed a man for a joke on YouTube. The war has come. Will you fight? Submit? Or escape to the US? I’ll say this much–this is EXACTLY why I support the 2nd Amendment. . – J.Ishro Finney, writer

For those of you who may not be aware of the evens surrounding what happened today, two years ago YouTube personality Count Dankula filmed a joke video where he had his girlfriend’s dog give, what appears to be, a Nazi Salute. It was a joke. He did it not because he’s a Nazi, but because he knew it would annoy his girlfriend and his audience would enjoy seeing her reaction.

But, because the UK does not have freedom of speech laws he was arrested and put on trial. The charge – being offensive. That’s it. nothing more. I’ve seen Monty Python do worse things with Nazis on their show.. but apparently this one YouTuber teaching a dog to put a paw up in salute is worthy of the courts time. Yesterday he was found guilty of the crime of being offensive and today was his sentencing.

Injustice like this should not be tolerated. Everybody should have the right to say whatever you want and be as offensive as you want. And other people have the right to disagree with you. That is what freedom of speech means. Nobody should be arrested and possibly face prison time for making a joke video. Especially when you consider how many real hateful and racist videos are online that have not been taken down or had negative charges.

I post this video to raise awareness, as I see some parties in the United States start to go down the dark path of censorship and jailing people they don’t like for exercising their right to free speech. Please watch this and see where we could be headed. And if you are in the UK, join the fight to stop censorship. Your voice deserves to be heard without the fear of incarceration.