Editing Services

I have worked in the publishing industry for the last twelve years. Not only as a publisher, but a creator as well. I have personally edited several short stories, anthologies, novellas, collections and graphic novels. I have also slush read for Pseudopod and the Escape Artists.

My specialties are horror, scifi, fantasy, short stories, novellas, novels, YA, adult lit, comics and graphic novels.

Overall Review
Basic report of what works for the story and  suggestions for improvement where needed. Main focus is on  characters, plot, pacing, setting, narrative structure, language/dialog, art consistency (if applies) etc. write up will be presented.

Developmental Editing
In depth analysis of the story structure and content. Focus on character development, plot development, world building and setting, language and dialog, pacing and tone, art quality/consistency and a critique of panel lay out and speech bubbles. Detailed notes will be made through the manuscript. An hour phone or skype conversation can be had as well upon request.

Please email me to inquire for a quote. kat@glitchwerk.com , let me know if you have a prose piece or comic.

  • Prose- how many words.
  • Comic – how many pages.

and tell me a little about your project.
I require 50% up front deposit paid via paypal.
I look forward to working with you.

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